Product Reviews

been taking the Turmerix for over 3 months now but only started consuming the tablespoon a day for the last 2 weeks because quite honestly I’ve come to love the taste and it makes the best chai. I bent down a few days ago and noticed very quickly how much easier it was! Once I stopped to think about it I have to admit a general all round improvement in strength and flexibility which is a wonderful result because I run a very busy nursery, I’m 62 and considering how much longer I could continue. At this rate, I’m …

Rita Coffey

A few years of fairly acute gout attacks left my feet, ankles and toes mildly aching and arthritic, every day for years. Every morning waking up would be a struggle both physically and mentally. I just assumed this permanent damage to my joints and the associated pain was just going to be my life. I couldn’t run or walk long distances without aches and pains. The last thing in the world I wanted to do is be on unhelpful, toxic medications for the rest of my life. Then I tried Turmerix. Within about one week, I couldn’t believe the aches …

Tim Krause

I’ve been using Turmerix for about month and I’ve definitely noticed the benefits. I work long hours and it’s quite physical. I usually feel pain in my hands, shoulders and hips but I’m just not feeling that pain anymore. I’ve got to say I prefer a heaped teaspoon with a dash of honey in a warm glass of almond milk first thing in the morning. It’s a great way to start the day. Thanks Turmerix.

Anna Timou

I had an accident 5 years ago and have suffered a range of ongoing issues including chronic pain. After three weeks of taking turmerix my overall health has been massively improved. Many of my joint pain issues have disappeared, my appetite is in check and feel released from depression and anxiety. Amazing results.

Elizabeth Walsh

I am 49 years of age and have suffered with Crohns disease all my life. I wish I had found this “Turmerix Powder” years ago. I have been using it for six months now and my Crohns has settled right down. I also don’t suffer with leg ache anymore. I would recommend any person that has problems with inflammation to give Turmerix a go. It’s a very affordable option and it’s drug free.


My husband has been using Turmerix for 4 months now and feels his joints have less pain in them. He’s 80 years old and we dance twice a week and I think his dancing has improved. I hope others are willing to try Turmerix with the same results.

Beryl & Fred Ford

Turmerix has reduced my pain, my scar tissue and the swelling in my back where Dr’s meds were unable to. I have also been able to stop taking regular pain killers which were harming my stomach. Turmerix also gives me more energy than I have had previously. For me it’s an all round health food that makes the mind and the body feel fantastic!!

Samantha Hughes