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The paradigm shift in thinking about health

Viewing the body as a microcosm of the macrocosm.

Adaptogens work with the individual bringing harmony to core physiological mechanisms, as opposed to being asymptomatic based treatment. They affect the individual in accordance with what the individual system is requiring. For example, the same herb (given in the same form) can have two different effects for two different people, depending on the individuals need of the plant. A person with fatigue due to adrenal burnout can take an adaptogen and it will increase their energy, a person with hyperactivity can take that same herb and it will subdue their energy.

Our understanding of the negative effects of using “straight jacket” type pharmaceutical approach is turning our exploration and practices in modern medicine to a holistic approach. Unifying the traditional application of herbs with modern pharmacopeia. Adaptogens are a ‘do no harm’ approach to healing.

When looking at the microcosm as a reflection of the macrocosm, Immunity creates friction and differentiation (the continual flux of yin and yang). Adaptation creates unity (the source of yang within yin and yin within yang). Immunity is often generated by will and attack mechanisms whereas adaptation is often generated by love, cohesion. Immunity is about polarized individual and adaptation is about unifying our community, our Biota, both are needed for harmony.

Adaptogens can increase core vitality and integrity beyond immunity, increasing systemic resilience to stress and stressors and amplifying ability to accept, allow and adapt to stressors. This is key to returning, as vehicles of consciousness, to the inner/individual and outer/collective health that we all want for ourselves, and our loved ones, including this good Earth.








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