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At TurmeriX we love our little (and big) pawed friends as much as family. So to help, TurmeriX has the recommended dosage for dogs:


  • Tiny Dog Breeds – (E.g. Chihuahua, Maltese Terrier, Australian Terrier) 1/4 teaspoon TurmeriX
  • Small Dog Breeds – (E.g.: Spaniels, Dachshund, Shih Tzu) 1/2 teaspoon TurmeriX
  • Medium – Large Dog Breeds – (E.g.: Staffordshire Terrier, standard poodles, kelpies) 1 level teaspoon TurmeriX
  • For Larger Dog Breeds – (E.g.: Shepherd, Huskie, Great Dane, Rottweiler, Labrador) 1 softly rounded teaspoon TurmeriX

Dry food:

  • Sprinkle over kibble and add a little hot water and stir to make it pasty around the kibble.
  • Crack a raw egg on top breaking the yolk.
  • Once they eat it the first time it flips a switch in their digestive system so that they usually just eat it without the egg incentive in future without issue.

Obviously, if you have a fussy eater then this may require a few attempts but once they are feeling better they usually respond to eating very well just due to improved overall health.

Wet food:

  • Mix into wet food and top with egg incentive again as above.

Vets usually recommend that if your dog is mainly indoors then you may want to have your dog outside, or localised inside your house for first 24 hours in case of any loose bowel response which would indicate reducing amount given.

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