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Turmeric for Horse

We have been marketing Turmerix, a special blend of herbs and spices which is a completely natural product without any additives or fillers.

We are using the highest grade of Turmeric which is sourced from the Alleppey region of Kerala in southern India.This climate is ideal and unique for the production of high-quality Turmeric.

If this product is taken alone it will not be absorbed by the body, therefore it must be taken as a blend.This blend has been put together by a gentleman from Australia.

We have launched this at various shows and exhibitions around Europe over the last year and have found that this product works equally as well for humans as it does for animals. We have sent this out to various horse owners and lovers who have been very impressed with the results. Horses are in many aspects like having a child. A true horse lover often cares more about the well-being their own horse then themselves. And this is where it all started. Our product is surely not the cheapest on the market but made with care and this is what our customers value.

As a horse owner, you will appreciate the assurance that we are not using any pesticides and avoiding radiation treatment to kill bacteria on the turmeric root, but rather the more costly way of Steam Treatment. Our product doesn’t use any fillers and is all natural. Turmerix is HACCP accredited and even though it’s not mandatory, we test each batch to assure you that you will always receive a high-quality product.

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to publish the full reviews that our customers shared with us but we would still really appreciate your feedback and hear how your horse is getting on with the product.

Our recommended serving suggestion is to use 2-4 heaped Teaspoons on a daily basis. Add it to the food you know your horse will eat, pour a bit of water over it and let your horse enjoy. To help your horse (if needed) to adjust to the new diet, start with a smaller dosage and increase (to recommended dosage) during the week.

No matter whether you decide to invest into a tub for your horse or not we wish you and your horse all the health in the world and happy riding !





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